Favicon Size: 16px by 16px (Guide to Favicon Image Sizing)

Favicons have evolved from being just tiny icons to representing a brand’s digital face. They are crucial visual cues helping users identify and navigate websites amidst numerous browser tabs, bookmarks, and mobile app shortcuts. Key takeaway:The best method for setting up a favicon on your site is so create a 16px by 16px “favicon.ico” file … Read more

How to Clear LinkedIn Cache for Link Preview

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professional networking and sharing valuable content. However, sometimes the link preview on LinkedIn may display incorrect information or outdated images. We’ve noticed this is frustrating for MightyShare users, especially if you have made changes to your website’s preview content and images. Fortunately, there are methods to clear the LinkedIn … Read more

Node.js Example

Using our MightyShare NPM package you can quickly generate social share images for your content. If you are unfamiliar with template values you can look at our template detail pages for more information how to customize a template. Typically templates allow you to customize color, text, and an image but some offer more customization. Example … Read more


1. Install MightyShare Plugin Installing the MightyShare plugin couldn’t be easier. Since MightyShare is listed on WordPress.org you can either download it from the directory or simply search “MightyShare” on your “Plugins > Add New” page. After installing click active and MightyShare will be active. 2. Add your API Key After activating MightyShare you can … Read more

SEO Plugin Compatibility

By default MightyShare will detect if you’re running an SEO plugin and overwrite its social image using the plugin’s filters. Currently SEO plugin compatibility: Yoast SEO, RankMath, All in One SEO, The SEO Framework, Slim SEO, and SEOPress. If there is a plugin you’d like to see compatibility for added please contact us. You’ll also … Read more


Here’s a list of the developer filters for MightyShare. Useful to fully customize MightyShare using functions.php or adding code snippets to your site. mightyshare_filter_post Using the mightyshare_filter_post filter you can overwrite any aspect of a MightyShare render. This is great if you have a large site and want to programmatically control all aspects of MightyShare. … Read more