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What is a render?

Anytime a URL is shared from your site (or a bot scans your page) MightyShare will generate an image as the social preview. The first generation is considered a render. After another URL is shared (or bot scans the page) the image served will likely be cached not using a render. So you can think of renders as unique images created.

What happens if I go over my render limit?

If you go over your month’s usage we charge $0.008 per addition render in batches of 100. So if you have a 500 render plan and render 540 images you will be charged an additional $0.80. If you are on the free plan image renders are disabled until the next month.

How do I add MightyShare to my site?

Simply install our WordPress plugin to integrate MightyShare with your website. After installing the MightyShare plugin you can enter your API key into the dashboard to start generating social images!