AutoMatic Social Share Images

Create beautiful social share images for all of your blog posts, landing pages, and web pages automatically!


function mightyshare_filter_post_example( $template_options ) {
		// Overwrite the page title used to render
		$template_options['title'] = 'My new title!';

		// Overwrite the page background used to render
		$template_options['background'] = 'https://your-image-url.jpg';

		// Force the plugin to return a MightyShare image, useful for programmatically disabling/enabling MightyShare
		$template_options['is_enabled'] = true;

		return $template_options;
add_filter( 'mightyshare_filter_post', 'mightyshare_filter_post_example', 10, 3 );

We <3 Developers

Easily overwrite any part of how MightyShare functions using a easy to use filter. Use specific images for certain post types, overwrite colors, templates, and more.

Read more on the MightyShare documentation page.

What is a Social share image?

Every time a link to your site is shared on Facebook, Twitter, and even iMessage you’ll notice there is a small preview image. MightyShare makes your share images more engaging by adding text, images, and even your logo.

What does mightyshare do?

MightyShare takes your page and blog titles and overlays them onto your featured photo to generate a stunning share preview image. All with our easy to use WordPress plugin that generates your open graph images.

See our templates here!

Why Would I want this?

By making your social preview images more appealing you’ll help drive clicks to your site and overall look more professional.

Thought about it… I’m In…

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